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Privacy Policy

At TeslaDoge we know that you care about your personal data and you want to know how we will process it. That is why we are going to explain below, in a clear and transparent way, in our Privacy Policy, how and when we obtain, share and protect your personal data. We will also explain how to exercise your rights related to them.


Please note that anonymized information or purely statistical data used by TeslaDoge will not be considered personal data.


‍Who are we?


TeslaDoge is a 100% community-driven, governance-based, and transparent Hyper-Deflationary Community Token with Real Utility.


‍Information and consent


‍By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, the user (the "User" or "Users") is informed of the circumstances under which their personal data will be processed.


Furthermore, in case of being the necessary legal basis for the processing of your data, your free, informed, specific and unequivocal consent will be requested so that the personal data you provide through the website (hereinafter, the "Website") and the application (hereinafter, the "Application") or any forms dependent on the Website and the Application, are processed by TeslaDoge, as well as the data derived from your navigation and any other data you may provide in the future.


The data requested in the forms on the Website and in the Application are, in general, mandatory (unless otherwise specified in the required field) to fulfil the purposes for which they are being collected.


Therefore, if the same are not provided or are not provided correctly, the same may not be met, without prejudice to the fact that you may freely view the content of the Website and the Application, except for specific content or certain functionalities of the Website and the Application, limited to registered Users.


Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using or registering with TeslaDoge.


‍What personal data does TeslaDoge access about me?


If you register on the Website and/or the Application, we will process the following information about you:


‍Identification data: full name, full identity document, date of birth (age), gender and image.


Contact and communication data: telephone number, e-mail address and mailing address, country of residence


‍IP Address


Browsing Data: The Website and Application servers may automatically detect your IP address, domain name, unique device identifier, browser fingerprint, device fingerprint and cookie IDs when you have set them in your browser.  


‍Data we obtain from third parties: we may obtain data from third parties such as personal data or information on international lists for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.


‍Your Wallet’s public address.


If you do not register, but merely browse the Website, we will process the following information about you:


‍Browsing Data: The Website and Application servers may automatically detect your IP address, domain name, unique device identifier, browser fingerprint, device fingerprint and cookie IDs when you have set them in your browser.     


‍Email: if you consent to receive the newsletter. 


‍Where does the data we process about you come from?


‍From the User: This is the data that you provide us by filling out forms on the Website and/or the Application, or through any interaction that you make with TeslaDoge.


Of the cookies inserted on the Website and/or the Application and the use of similar technologies (see the corresponding section of this Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy).


From third parties: such as business partners with whom TeslaDoge has signed a collaboration contract, third parties who provide a service to TeslaDoge for the effective provision of the service, or data obtained from international lists for the prevention of money laundering. Also TeslaDoge may obtain your personal data from third parties to whom you have provided your information, among others, data available on social networks (Facebook, Google, etc.).


What are the purposes and legal bases for processing the User's data?


‍We may only process your personal data if we have an adequate legal basis for doing so. We may process your personal data for any or all of the purposes specified below and on the legal bases indicated:


i. Processing Activity and Purpose


Registration and use of the Website and the Application to manage the registration, access and required use of the Website and the Application (contact details, bank details). Respond to questions raised by Users. Use of the products and services, interactions with the Website and the Application. Send you notifications related to the provision of the service or use of the Website and/or the Application.


i. Legal Basis


Formalize the contract between the parties and legitimate interest in providing Users with access to TeslaDoge services and the management of its products and services.


ii. Processing Activity and Purpose


IP Address


ii. Legal Basis


TeslaDoge's legitimate interest in diagnosing problems with the servers and in managing the Web Site efficiently.


iii. Processing Activity and Purpose


Marketing purposes, sending commercial communications about TeslaDoge products. Improvement of products and services and sending of promotions.


iii. Legal Basis


Legitimate interest in advertising and improving our products and services, unless the user expresses his/her desire not to receive commercial communications (in case of registered users). 


User's consent (in case of non-registered Users). 


iv. Processing Activity and Purpose


Processing of your image to verify your identity and prevent fraud and money laundering prevention.


iv. Legal Basis


Legitimate interest in preventing fraud and verifying the identity of Users and legal obligation to comply with applicable regulations.


v. Processing Activity and Purpose


Navigation data obtained through cookies to analyse your preferences and improve our products and services.


v. Legal Basis


User's Consent


With which recipients will the User's data be shared?


They may access the personal data of TeslaDoge's Users:


- TeslaDoge's authorized personnel.


- Collaborators who provide services on behalf of TeslaDoge in order to manage the provision of services. In this case, such access to data on behalf of third parties will be regulated in the corresponding data processing contract in compliance with the applicable regulations.


- Authorities: We may share certain strictly necessary information with authorities such as the police, tax agencies or other authorities, if required by law.


How long will TeslaDoge keep the data?


Your personal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the purposes of the processing for which they have been provided, and, in any case, following the principle of data minimization provided for in the applicable regulations.


If you are a TeslaDoge User, your data will be kept for the duration of your business relationship with TeslaDoge and from the moment you exercise your right to cancel your data or cancel your account, your data will be kept blocked for a period of five years in order to meet the legal responsibilities that may arise from the services provided and ten years in the case of conservation of personal data in compliance with the rules of prevention of money laundering.


How can I exercise my rights?


You can (i) send a letter to TeslaDoge, at the address indicated in the header of this Policy, (ii) access your User’s area in the Application or the Website; or (iii) send an email to the address, attaching a photocopy of your identity document, at any time and free of charge, to:


- To revoke the consents granted.


- Obtain confirmation as to whether TeslaDoge is processing your personal data.


- Access to your personal data. Rectify inaccurate or incomplete data.


- Request the deletion of your data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.


- Obtain from TeslaDoge the limitation of data processing when any of the conditions provided for in the data protection regulations are met.


- Request the portability of the data provided in those cases provided for in the regulations. Contact TeslaDoge's DPO at the following address:


- In case you consider that the above rights have not been properly addressed by TeslaDoge you may file a complaint.


Changes to the Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy may be updated due to changes and legal requirements, as well as due to improvements and changes included in the way we offer and provide our services and utilities of the application. Therefore, we recommend that you visit and access our Privacy Policy periodically, in order to have access and know the latest changes that may have been incorporated.


In the event that such changes relate to the consent provided by the User, we will send you a separate and independent notice to collect it again.


If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or wish to exercise any right or action regarding your personal data, please contact us at the following e-mail address


Privacy and blockchain


Your investment of cryptoassets available through the Website and the App will be recorded on the relevant public Blockchain. Public blockchains operate like ledgers, intended to immutably record transactions on computer system networks. Many of these public blockchains allow forensic analysis that can lead to de-anonymization and inadvertent disclosure of private financial information, especially when blockchain data is combined with other data.


Because blockchains are decentralized or third-party networks that are not controlled or operated by TeslaDoge, we cannot delete, modify or alter personal data on such networks.

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